Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tip Covers for Bows

So today I made 6 covers for my bow tips. Little leather tips used to go over one end of your bow to keep the string from slipping off. I needed these badly since I am sure I have spent a small fortune in strings because I leave them all over SCA camping sites when packing up.

So they are rather easy to make. First you cut out the pattern using a piece of card stock. It is kind of like a diamond with a long tail like above.

Once you have your pieces cut out you fold the tips over and sew them closed with strong string. I used the thickest embroidery needle I had. I also used the sharp tip of one of my wood working tools to make the 5 holes in the leather before sewing them up.

Once they are sewn closed they are all ready to use. Make sure you double knot the end of your string so they to not come apart and you are done :)
Simple, easy and functional just they way I like it.

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