Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ideas and starting

I took a little field trip to Michaels craft store today and man oh man I am glad I did. I got a new glue gun, my old one was dying hard. I also found acrylic paints on sale 3 for 1 dollar so I snagged 9 base colors for my cameo painting. i also found the prefect brush so I will be making some new ones tomorrow for friends and a few projects. I got some nice jewelry parts and Mod Podge dimensional magic so that will be fun. I also got some wooden dowels to make these with the help a a cool tutorial. I will add pics when I have done a few.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Masks for Feast of Fools

Well I had another battle at the docs today and she insisted I rest more so instead of anything major I hid out in my room and sipped tea. I gathered up my Harry Potter movie collection and put them on rotation from start to finish while putting layers on the base for my plaster mask. SO far so good. I wish my phone was charged since I wanted to take stage by stage pictures but since I have two to make I decided to have fun learning with this one and doing a better job on the second and take pics of that.

I also decided that even if I am not working on something I am going to post something every other day or so. It can be an image of something I want to do, to a costuming resource to a tutorial I have stumbled on so keep a look out. For today I am going to share a cool link.

101 Pretty Printables This is a cute site with a ton of print out and use things from name tags for dinner parties to a complete Hello Kitty party pack for little girls. Check it out and make sure to bookmark!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

At the starting line...

I am bouncy! I really want class to get over so I can fun to JoAnns and pick up the little bits I need to make a few of my garters. I can not start on them until tomorrow since I have a presentation due in my Business Law 201 class but after that I am going to fire up my new machine and give it a shot. I am excited and a little scared. I don't know why sewing machines are so intimidating to me they are really not that complicated for what I am looking to do. I think once I get in the swing of things i will be fine. I have a ton of ideas, tutorials to help me along, a laptop to watch said tuts on while I work and ample space and materials. I just have to jump in with both feet and have at it.

We will see :)


Yeah I made it in and out without spending a car payment on fabric!

So the first one I am going to try has a rugged feel to it. The flask pouch is going to be made of canvas and decorated with a octopus cameo.

The second one is going to be in browns with a velvet main strap and a suede-like material for the pouch. I have not decided on how to decorate this one. We will see how it turns out when I am working on it. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

And here we GO!

Well here I go. I decided to amuse the hell out of the crafting community with my painful DYI stumblings. I am sure this will be entertaining to those who actually know what you are doing. I am sure there will be a ton of 'OH I WANT TO MAKE THAT' pics more then any actual projects to start with but bare with me :)

My interests are as follows:
Original Design
Millinery (hat making) 

My first project is going to be making a steampinkish(ish) pocket garter. I was thinking for a flask or something small and kind of cute. 

I am going to use a very easy to follow tutorial I found on youtube from  Corinne's Craft Closet! I love Corrine she is AMAZING and her tutorials are very informative and easy to follow.