Saturday, March 3, 2012

Archery N' Stuff

So I braved the cold today and went to archery practice. Other than about 30 minuets where I felt dizzy and sick i did alright. We shot for about 3 hours then packed up and hit the Nock Point. I had three bow strings I needed to pick up and Shelly got her new baby in the mail and needed one for hers. We ended up shooting for a few more hours and lord I am sore! The burn feels great and while I am tired I am glad I went. After coming home, showering and getting a nibble to eat I decided that i just HAD to sew so i grabbed some material and zoomed up to Shelly's place. I took some old fake suede curtains and made two bow carriers. It was nothing complicated but it was fun and now i can pack around my ever growing collection in style! I also dug up my arrow carrying case so I am all ready to go for the season! I am going to have some arrows made with the house colors, the paint job is going to be VERY blingish but that's how I roll. When they come in I will post a pic so you call can giggle at me.

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