Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I'm Tired!

Oh Madeline Kahn you said it sister!

I have done nothing, not a god damn thing since my last update. I have out-sourced my Middle Eastern garb to a friend. I am having harem pants and ghawazee coat made but I am making the belt and 7 yard skirt to go over the pants. I have the material for the pants and coat and are passing them on with money to be made in time for Sport of Kings and Banner War.

Ugh speaking of Banner War we are running out of time to get things in gear. I really want to win for best household presentation but it is going to take effort on EVERYones part. I found a replacement for coffee cans to use as bases for the wind wall. DUH! I work at a painting company so PAINT CANS! I am just crossing my fingers and hoping everyone else can aid in gathering the white sheets we need to use between the poles. We will see and hope.

only thing else I am working on is getting my craft area clean.... again LOL

After that sewing all the crap I have cut out and pinned then just left there (so lazy). Thing on the hirozion? Costume for Steamcon! I am day tripping it on Saturday. I was going to go all weekend but I scraped that idea. It is my first Stempunk convention and it is 10 minuets down the highway why in the hell would I pay for a hotel? Yes I know you are thinking "But LT you pay for PAX Prime and SacuraCon rooms why not Steamcon?" Because I go to the other two with friends and get shit faced and don't want to pay for a cab :P
Anyway the theme is international and I am doing as a Hatian voodoo mamma. As soon as I have some ideas down pack ill post them.

And (seemingly) far awasy is 12th Night in January. Now one would think "So far, you have forever to plan." Um did you miss the part where it is 12TH NIGHT! Pointy hats and the best god damn frippery money can buy and I WILL be a peacock damnit I WILL! Sketches coming soon.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Where in the hell have you been?!

Wow it has been a bit since the last time I posted anything here. I do not want you to think I have been just slacking off and not doing anything, oh no quite the contrary. Here are a few of my projects....

First is my first phone case. I am a Hello Kitty NUT and wanted something that just screamed "I LIKE BLING BITE ME!" It was not as hard as I thought and cost me (in total) about 10 dollar which is sad because if you look these things up on Ebay and Amazon they are like 100 bucks WTF? No WAY! I have had a host of people ask me about it and if I sell them. I am thinking about dropping a bit of cash on supplies and making several to sell.


I started doing archery pretty regularly in the spring and summer. There are bow stands but I wanted something to call my own so I made these two pretties. They are recycled dirty laundry frames and some left over water noodles from the kids boffers. a little decorative duct tape and BAMB! I am going to make some out of wood this coming spring.

And NEXT... oh yeah there is more :)

Because ALL the other crafting and such is not enough I thought I would give leather working a shot. I took a kick ass bracer class with some of my SCA household mates and made this pretty baby. Under the watchful (and ever patient) eye of Evrard de Valogne I made something I am very proud of.

And speaking of leather, archery and Evrard de Valogne... no not that ya pervs get your mind out of the gutter!


I decided to take Evrard de Valogne's next class which was a quiver to go with my bracer! I can not tell you how proud I am of this little puppy. I love working with leather and have decided that the next sewing machine i get will be able to sew leather as well. Evraed is doing another class and I am taking it to make another quiver. This time I am going to do something a lot more detailed and more than likely for my back or even a crossbow since I am ordering one soon.

And on to embroidery  I have not been working on this as much as I would like but I plan on picking it up at project nights on Fridays. I have found that tattoo art is amazing for practice. See my little fae? she is so pretty :)

So now you know what I am up too :)

My current project is GARB!
I have made a sleeveless black tunic for my son Rahim
And I also made him a red and black t-tunic to wear under it

For me I am making something akin to this

I have started on the top shorter tunic and have picked out the trim i am going to use on it. This Sunday at our household S&B I will pattern out and cut the longer under dress.

I will keep you posted on how it goes and post pics (if i remember to take them) of the wntire outfit as I work on it.

Oh a little side project I posted I was going to try... Harry Potter Wands. I made them for my kids and they loved the, Here is one...

Well that is it for me...

I also got ratted out by someone and the King and Queen called me to court at June Faire. I thought I was in trouble... nope I got my AOA *lmfao* I am now officially a "Lady" heaven help us all!