Friday, February 17, 2012

Masks for Feast of Fools

Well I had another battle at the docs today and she insisted I rest more so instead of anything major I hid out in my room and sipped tea. I gathered up my Harry Potter movie collection and put them on rotation from start to finish while putting layers on the base for my plaster mask. SO far so good. I wish my phone was charged since I wanted to take stage by stage pictures but since I have two to make I decided to have fun learning with this one and doing a better job on the second and take pics of that.

I also decided that even if I am not working on something I am going to post something every other day or so. It can be an image of something I want to do, to a costuming resource to a tutorial I have stumbled on so keep a look out. For today I am going to share a cool link.

101 Pretty Printables This is a cute site with a ton of print out and use things from name tags for dinner parties to a complete Hello Kitty party pack for little girls. Check it out and make sure to bookmark!

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