Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Starting 2015

So I am part of a sewing group online and I have decided to take up the 2015 challenge! I am coping and pasting the full list here as a reference for myself along with the button link back to the original posting!

Anyone feel like joining in come and play!

2015 Sewing Design / Inspiration Challenge!

January: Create a mood board to refine a look or colour scheme you would like to use in your work. Make something from the mood board. This could even be assembling an outfit from things you already have (hopefully something you made) or creating a patchwork project which suits a particular decorating scheme.

February: Play with Shapes – explore silhouette and make a garment with a different shape to your usual choices. OR for quilters, try working with a different shaped block as a basic shape.

March: Create something inspired by an unrelated object. Check out this blog for an awesome example: http://teacupcorset.blogspot.co.uk/

April: Reimagine an item. Upcycle a second hand piece, or pull out a failed project and revive it in a new form.

May: Create 3 - 4 mix and match pieces that work together. I know this sounds ambitious, but remember you can pull out stuff you have made before!

June: Design your own fabric. Investigate digital fabric printing, like Spoonflower / Woven monkey, or try printing by hand – silk screening / printing etc. Heck, try potato prints.

July: Work with a type of fabric you've never used before.

August: Employ fabric manipulation such as gathers, tucks, smocking, or origami into a piece.

September: Explore the textile styles of another culture. Create an item which reflects a technique or style of another culture.

October: Costume Challenge - make an item based on a character from a movie / book / TV show. It can be completely crazy, or a subtle nod.

November: Write a tutorial or instructions (or make a video) for a project or technique of your choice.

December: Make a ‘memory’ item, inspired by something you feel nostalgic about. Could be a toy similar to one you had as a child, a quilt with memory pieces, or recreate a garment worn as a child / belonging to a relative.

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